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Audiophile presents: ROBOTAKI

Sat January 22 at 7:30 pm



Preston Chin is the humble, inquisitive, and interesting composer and live performer we know as the man behind the Robotaki mask. After leaving behind a masters degree in Cell Biology, he dedicated his love, time, and energy into creating another form of support for the world — music. Over the last decade Robotaki has become a widely recognized and revered musician, known for expertly implementing his delicate touch and sounds to a wide array of genres and styles. From left-field walls of sound and experimental, to retro-styled RnB grooves, all the way to classy indie-pop dance, Preston Chin has carved out a very unique lane for himself in a crowded space.

To-date, Robotaki has released an extensive catalogue of music, spanning genres and styles, receiving critical acclaim across press and streaming platforms. After a breakthrough headline tour in 2018, and directly supporting ODESZA, Madeon, Porter Robinson, Jai Wolf, and Big Wild on tours, in 2020 he reached another turning-point in his career development — writing his debut album, and concepting the live concert experience that would live intimately alongside it. In a world confused and over-saturated with new trends and innovations, and barely any time to think about what is happening, Robotaki’s album is the story of trying to find out what it all means. It dives into the questions of: What truly makes up our identity of self? Are our thoughts, feelings, and sensations a product of what is considered a reality around us, or instead – is it all a mirage? It is time to find out.


Sat January 22
7:30 pm




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