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Hawaiian Brian's Presents

Ragamuffs – Dinner Show (Limited Seating w/ Social Distancing)

Fri June 12 at 7:00 pm

$25 – $35

All ages

Join us for a dinner show featuring Ragamuffs!

It’s been some manini wave of a journey so far! A year ago, we had this drive to get a band together to make music we could feel proud of. We absolutely LOVE indie music in all sorts of forms. Indie rock, indie pop rock, indie folk, indie soul, indie indie, etc. It’s that quirky, innovative, weird-in-a-good-way, jangly kind of sounds we fell in love with, which sparked our inspiration to begin making our own stuff!

This past year, we took our first steps at taking our music a lot more seriously by accepting every opportunity we got, to play live shows. The more and more we said yes, the more doors opened. WHICH BTW THANK YOU to everyone that let us play at your venues! <3 We have gained such unexpected support from not only friends and family, but acquaintances and strangers that would stumble upon our live sets. PRAISE GOD. Thanks to all of you, we have the boldest little support system going. With the amount of happiness you have brought us, we hope we can pay it back even more in the form of music!

To us, art is meant to move people and inspire others. Whether it inspires someone through the actual message embedded in the product, or through the way they perform and shed their energy on the audience…if we are able to do this for anyone else eager to follow their dreams, then that’s all we care about.


…Here’s to the start of our musical path. No idea where it will end up, but if you enjoy what we got and want to support please follow our story on our social media accounts:

Instagram: @ragamuffs

Facebook: @ragamuffsmusic

YouTube: Ragamuffs Music Hawaii


Fri June 12
7:00 pm
$25 – $35




Hawaiian Brian’s


Age Restriction
All ages
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Hawaiian Brian's Presents