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Submersive + The Buckness

Sat July 28, 2018 at 9:00 pm

Traveling far and wide to pioneer a fresh new sound to one of the oldest genres of dance music, SUBMERSIVE of Los Angeles is drenching listeners in a multi-sensory experience through the powerhouse anthems of progressive trance and psytrance. Producing under the artist name SUBMERSIVE, which stems from submerging one’s self in the subsonic bass frequencies of music, the trail-blazing 26 year old producer takes listeners on an ethereal journey beyond the tangible world. “The goal of my music is to give people a transcendent experience in a musical environment,” explains SUBMERSIVE, who has become an innovator of new sound within the structured genre. Though SUBMERSIVE is already making strides in the LA music scene, his sonic revolution started years ago when he first discovered the power of rhythm. In this modern age of endless sub-genres and song redudancy, SUBMERSIVE proves that Trance continues to be a cornerstone of electronic dance music. “Trance, in my opinion,” SUBMERSIVE explains, “is the continuation of what the earliest humans discovered: the connection between music and soul, and that’s what I aim to accomplish with every one of my songs.”

Originally resided from San Jose CA, this hardstyle enthusiast has emerged from the seeds of hard dance music at a young age. introduced to the dance music scene in Hawaii in 2007 really opened his eyes to a whole new world of beauty, artistry, and influence. Becoming a DJ and creating his own sound became a new passion for Jared, as he set foot into new doors to explore the art and craft of Hardstyle. From then on he has continued to make an impact on the Hard Dance scene in Hawaii & shared stages alongside artists like Angerfist, Kutski, Lady Faith, Darksiderz, Seven Lions, Infected Mushroom and many more. While pushing out his own productions with deep reverse basslines, techy drum beats, and tempo changing bucknesss. Prepare for ground stomping and shoulder leaning activity!